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Why a Room Booking System & Heating Diary is Crucial for your Organisation

Room Booking System

If you are a customer-facing organisation with a large, multi-room, building then a Room Booking System and Heating Diary can help run your business while reducing heating and energy bills by up to 30%.

As a user of the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (BEMS), you will find a whole range of other beneficial features to help reduce the cost of running your business, and one of these is the Room Booking System.

Room Booking System for Businesses

The HeatingSave Room Booking System is an integral part of the overall Building Energy Management System. It allows users to heat their building zonally, meaning areas with variable occupancy are only heated when in use. This Room Booking System is a particularly useful heating control feature for organisation’s such as Village Halls, Churches, Offices, and other similar buildings, that have separate rooms and zones that are in regular use.

The Room Booking System gives users the ability to match their bookings/schedule to their Heating Diary in order for each separate room to only be heated in accordance with the schedule. This can be done completely remotely, using our Remote Control Heating App (explained below), using your personal desktop computer, laptop, IPad or smartphone.

Automatic Customer Billing System

If you don’t think that the HeatingSave BEMS is making your life easy by now, then keep reading. Our Room Booking System automatically produces invoices for customers using your facility according to the Heating Diary on your Mobile Heating App. It takes all the stress away of producing invoices for customers, and will save you no-end of time - leaving you with more time to get on with other important tasks.

Mobile Heating App

HeatingSave’s Remote Control Heating App is the glue that sticks the entire Building Energy Management System together. It’s integral for users and gives them the ability to be in complete control of their heating, and allows such outstanding savings on energy bills to be made.

It can easily be downloaded on the Apple App Store as well as the Android PlayStore, and only requires a good internet connection to function. With the HeatingSave Mobile Heating App you can be sure that each individually controlled room in your building is at the desired temperature wherever you are in the world.

Integrated Access Control

Our BEMS can be integrated with our Access Control System so that customers who have booked a room or area within your building can be granted access for the duration of their booking, as per the Room Booking System.

Smart Cards can be handed out to users prior to their booking that will only allow access for their booking only. These Smart Cards can then be kept by the customers if they are a regular and returning customer, or handed back to yourself to then be reallocated for another or new user.

For more information regarding the HeatingSave Room Booking System, or indeed about any other of its features, then please do not hesitate to get in touch today or book a demo to learn how your organisation can benefit from it.

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