Simple and cheap to install

A single HeatingSave system will control the comfort conditions within a single modular building. Modular buildings allow for cables to be effortlessly installed during manufacture to provide a low cost advanced heating/cooling and energy management system. Smart card access control can be installed on the front door and you won’t have to change the locks when a key is lost/stolen. Simply cancel the smart card, assign a new one and you are up and running in minutes. This can be done locally or at a central location.

Works on electric, IR heating panels, gas or oil

Infrared panels connected to HeatingSave’s occupancy management allows for typically 3KkW fan heaters or far IR panels to be turned on when people are around and off when they are not. Since both of these heating devices have a fast recovery rate, they work wonderfully well with HeatingSave; all the time monitoring and measuring the energy consumption.

Monitor and manage all utilities including water

Its simple and cheap to install a pulse output water meter when the modular building is constructed. HeatingSave can monitor and alert on over-usage or leaks; emailing or Texting a cascading priority of people if things go wrong.