Boiler accurate consumption

Whether you use gas, oil or LPG in in your heating boiler, you reality have no idea as to whether your boiler(s) are operating as per the manufacturers specification or an independent check as to how well they are maintained?

HeatingSave changes all this by accurately measuring

  • gas consumption via a SMETS 1 or SMETS2 Smart Meter (or a gas meter with a pulse output)
  • oil & LPG from tank delivery meters

The software lets the user enter the boiler consumption and operational data from the boiler manufacturer’s user manual so that HeatingSave can compare the expected consumption with the actual consumption to make to create a variance report and make recommended changes to the manufactures information. When boilers are serviced you would expect the boiler efficiency to subsequently stay the same or improve? HeatingSave spots when this goes down so that the maintenance company can be contacted to explain why? HeatingSave also can monitor degradation in performance over time, alerting the user to get the boiler checked or serviced.

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