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Schools and colleges in England will be allocated a share of £500 million to spend on energy efficiency upgrades, helping to save on bills during the winter months and manage energy consumption.

This will not only help them save money, but it will make them more energy efficient during the cold period and increase winter resilience for future years.

Estimations show that on average, a primary school will receive approximately £16,000, a secondary school will get £42,000 and a further education college group will benefit from £290,000. Improvements could include installing better heating controls, insulation to reduce heat loss from pipes or switching to energy efficient lighting.

Why install HeatingSave?

  • The HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (“BEMS”) helps you better manage and reduce the heating and energy costs for schools and colleges, especially those halls that they rent out.
  • HeatingSave is Government approved BEMS on its Energy Technology List and approved by the Energy Saving Trust and is OfGem CERT approved. It has the ability to cut your energy consumption whilst maintaining classroom comfort conditions. The smart phone app lets you control everything from home or anywhere. HeatingSave has a fast Return On Investment.

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