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How HeatingSave Works

HeatingSave Overview

HeatingSave is a smart building management system capable of more efficiently running any building and cutting costs while maintaining a comfortable level of heating.

How does it work?

  • At the heart of HeatingSave is a state-of-the-art microprocessor connected to several temperature sensors measuring external, room and boiler temperatures.
  • The T3520 controller has 8 temperature inputs, 8 occupancy/switch inputs and 8 mains relay outputs, with each relay capable of switching mains (10amps max.) or distributing mains (5 amps max.)
How HeatingSave Works

How to control HeatingSave

The HeatingSave software is web-based. Using a web browser on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet you can edit and control your HeatingSave system.

Using https://remote.heatingsave.com you are able to connect to your HeatingSave system using your HS number from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.

Logging Into HeatingSave


You can access your HeatingSave system from any computer with an internet connection and web browser. On the back of the HeatingSave hub (Product number T3521 or T3521X) is a white sticker with the SSID. For example, if the sticker has “SSID: hs123456” your HS number would be 123456. With your HS number you now navigate to https://remote.heatigsave.com in your web browser and when prompted enter your HS number.

Remote Access

Local Network

If you know the IP address of your HeatingSave system and you are on the same network as the HeatingSave Hub you can navigate to the HeatingSave software by typing in the IP address in you web browser (i.e.

Logging into HeatingSave

Once you have connected to your HeatingSave system you will be prompted with a login form. Just enter in your Login ID and password and click on the Login button. If you need assistance from HeatingSave support, click the support link and pass the information onto the technician. This will give them access to your system remotely without giving out any passwords.

Control Panel Login

The HeatingSave software

Once you have logged into your HeatingSave system the software will load. To the left of the screen will be the tree menu, this will display all your HeatingSave controllers (Product number T3520). If you want to select a different controller just select it in the menu and the page will reload. If you have multiple controllers, you can select multiple if you hold down the shift key.

Along the top of the screen is the main navigation bar, to access other areas of the software you just hover over menu item, and it will expand showing the sub menu items.

HeatingSave software screen

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