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Burgoyne Middle School gets in-depth heating control, lower gas bills with HeatingSave

Burgoyne Middle School gets in-depth heating control, lower gas bills with HeatingSave

Burgoyne Middle School is a Community Secondary School establishment in Central Bedfordshire for 9 – 13 year old pupils. The school touts modern, well maintained buildings, grounds and facilities and takes on 206 pupils at any given moment, as well as 35 permanent members of staff.

Burgoyne is a mid-sized school whose central heating system comprises multiple radiators, as well as several convection heaters. The radiator system is powered by a total of four gas-fired boilers(2 high-capacity models and 2 smaller, home-grade versions).

Since this is a complex and extensive heating system, school authorities started looking around 2 years ago for a system that would enable them to control it better and save money in the process.

The school requires quite a lot of energy and money for heating, so we thought that putting in a system to reduce energy spending would be a very good idea,” Mr. Jason Clarke, the Burgoyne Middle School site manager, told the HeatingSave reporter. ”We chose HeatingSave because, at the time, we simply couldn’t find another system that met our specific requirements to such an extent.” Mr. Clarke added.

The HeatingSave Building Management System was installed at the Burgoyne Middle School around 18 months ago and, apart from some minor bits and bobs, both the Hardware and Software installation processes went very well.

The BEMS installed at Burgoyne Middle School is controlled from a PC running the dedicated HeatingSave energy management software, which is really the optimum approach, given the extensive management, monitoring and scheduling options this application delivers. This version is designed specifically to meet the requirements of schools and a wide array of small businesses, which are sometimes more “variable occupied”, and employs an advanced central processing unit and multiple sensors, probes and controllers in order to help customers save up to 30% (or more) on their gas bills.

After the HeatingSave system was successfully commissioned, Mr. Clarke also received training on using the system. “I can use it properly and extensively so I was very happy with the quality of the training”, the site manager revealed.

Although Mr. Clarke is quite sure there’s still plenty to discover in terms of the full level of functionality the HeatingSave system is able to deliver, he’s delighted with the overall savings it enables, but also the superior level of control it provides.

In fact, when asked what he likes most about the system, Mr. Clarke replied that “I love that it does exactly what it’s supposed to and that it’s very easy to use”.

I especially like the superior level of control it provides. For example, I can set the temperature for every zone in the school while sitting in front of the PC. Also, if someone complains about the temperature being too high or too low in some part of the school, I can check their claims and show them that the system works within the designed parameters, if that’s the case, or act on the request and change the temperature in that area, need be.”

The Burgoyne Middle School site manager also revealed that he’s actively using the HeatingSave diary function on order to change heating patterns depending on the school’s specific needs and activities. “Yes, we’re using the pattern system all the time” said Mr. Clarke.

Ever since the HeatingSave system was installed at Burgoyne Middle School, Mr. Clarke did get in touch with the dedicated help desk service a few times, as was quite happy with the quality of the service they delivered: “The help desk analysts were very good, and assisted me in sorting out most of the problems we had.”

Unfortunately, some of the issues couldn’t be solved over the phone, so, as Mr. Clarke explained, one of the HeatingSave operations department engineers had to re-visit the site: “We experienced a functionality problem involving some faulty wiring. One of the HeatingSave engineers paid us a visit and solved everything in just half an hour. The quality of the service was very good.”

Since the experience of using HeatingSave has been a relatively trouble-free and positive one, Mr. Clarke also revealed that the school considers extending the system by adding superior monitoring options: “We’re very interested in importing data from our gas and electricity meters directly into the HeatingSave system.”

When asked whether he would recommend HeatingSave to other schools, Mr. Clarke answered with a definite “Yes”. He concluded by saying that “HeatingSave is a very good and efficient system, and the company offers good after sales service and support.”


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Email: burgoynemiddle@schools.bedfordshire.gov.uk

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