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Flats & Small Homes

  • Works on any type of heating system
  • Occupancy management will definitely save the most money
  • Heating Diary to control your home from a smart phone
  • Program the heating differently for each room
  • Extend the system to control lights, security and intrusion detection
  • Perfect low-cost platform for keen DIY tech. people

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I only have a flat

The payback for a small flat always needs to be looked at carefully. The good news is that the basic HeatingSave starter package will probably do it all.

To give you an idea of the savings, when we 1st created HeatingSave we used a top PhD engineer to do the maths behind the heat-loss algorithm. As an extra ‘thank you’ we gave him a system. He installed it in his small flat in West London.

We spoke to him some time after at the end of a heating season. “Did you save much?” we asked, not expecting a positive response. The savings were over 30%. “How come” we enquired?

He explained it like this. I am a single guy. I’m at home this weekend, so I tell the Heating Diary to keep the heating on. I go down to the shops. I meet some friends. Instead of going back to the flat as I intended, I go off with them. I might not be back for hours, maybe not that day, or even that weekend; but the one thing I am not going to do is say “Hey people, can you just wait a moment so I can go back to the flat to turn down the heating?”. The thing with HeatingSave is that the occupancy algorithms ‘see’ that there is nobody at home and progressively turns down the heating. I don’t have to remember anything – unlike mobile phone based systems which need me to have a good signal AND for me to remember to actually do it. No other system in the world does that!

I am not at home much

HeatingSave will make big savings for people with varied lifestyles where no day is the same. The occupancy software auto turns up/down the heating deepening on whether you are there or not? The smart phone App is particularly helpful in that it allows you to change the heating and security profiles depending upon your hectic lifestyle.

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