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Fareham Methodist Church Found the Solution in HeatingSave Room Booking System

fareham methodist church

Fareham Methodist Church is built in 1938 located in Fareham, Hampshire, UK. The church consists of a main church building with two big halls behind it, along with a number of rooms to support various activities. The church facilities are used not only for Sunday services but also for many groups during the week including NHS child health, a dance group, and various women’s institute groups. The site has two boilers on a wet central heating system for the main church building and one of the halls whilst the large hall is heated by ceiling-mounted electric heaters.

Following the installation of a HeatingSave Building Energy Management System, the Treasurer of the Church, Mike Petter said:

"I was looking for a system that could run all of those (rooms), as they were run from time clocks before", Mr. Petter recalls. , "We had six time clocks that we used to get the on and off time for the heating in all areas, so part of the weekly routines was to look at our lettings, set up the time clock, have a guess at how long each room would take to heat up and set the time for that".

Mr. Petter explained “Our prime objective was to gain control over the heating system”, particularly when they had a change of lettings.

HeatingSave allows the user to run the system and the room booking software remotely via a mobile phone. It also controls the heating separately for each room, saving significant amounts of fuel, cutting costs and creating a more energy-efficient environment.

Mr. Petter said, "What interested us with HeatingSave was the ability to set up bookings and to match this to the room heating". HeatingSave is not only allowing the church to have better control over their heating system but also manages any room booking cancellations, which speeds up the entire booking process. As the Fareham Methodist Church building is used for different types of activities, it is necessary to have a good room booking system. With HeatingSave, they can now manage everything easily.

"The advantage for us is late cancellations, which we can now do online. This gives us more efficient use of our energy. Also the simplicity of making a booking, which then automatically creates a heating pattern. These were the two real big things that HeatingSave gave us ", said Mr. Petter.

Mr. Petter said that he found the installation process “very pleasing” as during this time the church was busy with various activities. The installation process was done without impacting the visitors, as the HeatingSave engineers completed the installation process by learning the schedule of each room. This meant they could finish the installation with no disturbances.

Mr. Petter concluded, "HeatingSave gives us that ability to manage everything remotely, not having to go down to the building and not having to have a human present there to set it up". When asked if he would recommend HeatingSave to other churches he said he would, adding "You promised to deliver a system, and we discussed what it was going to do, and that’s what you delivered."


Customer Information

Fareham Methodist Church

King’s Rd


Email: farehamtreasurer@esanddcircuit.org.uk

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