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Police, Fire & Ambulance

  • Reduce heating slightly to cut costs for 24/7 operations
  • Already has cut fuel bills by 25%+ for emergency services
  • Large savings for variably used Police, Fire and Ambulance stations
  • Control the entire estate from one system
  • Occupancy sensors automatically lower heating when nobody is around
  • Room booking system to only heat/cool when used

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Multiple small sites

It’s the hallmark of the emergency services to have a mixture of building achetypes ranging from building mot much bigger than a house to large complexes. HeatingSave has been installed in a number of emergency services and in one police area we cut the heating costs by 55%.

Security & door access control

Adding simple smart card access control to your front door and other secure areas is cheap and easy when you install a HeatingSave system. Now, we are not saying that this is the best access control system that we can provide. For that you will need to log onto www.tensor.co.uk. We do after all provide the access control for the 2nd largest police force within the United Kingdom. However, if you want a simple basic system then HeatingSave will better manage and reduce your heating costs whilst giving you security at the same time. Our smart cards read through anything non-metallic at a distance of around 150mm which means that can be holding something/someone with both hands and still able to open the door.

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