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  • Cuts heating costs – any size outlet – small shop to a large retail complex
  • Control/manage energy for a chain of smaller outlets/supermarkets
  • Works on all heating, cooling or lighting systems
  • Automatic energy monitoring and reporting
  • Heating diary matches retail footfall to save on energy
  • Energy + environmental data ESOS Due Diligence

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Chains of outlets

One the headaches for chains of multiple outlets is knowing actually what is going on within each unit. Your POS system will give you all the retail information, but nothing is giving you information relating to environmental conditions, energy spend or giving you the ability to manage the outlet from afar. Large supermarket chains have invested millions of pounds on such systems, but even for them the cost of installing expensive BMS or monitoring systems in the “local” smaller outlets is prohibitive.

Fortunately, HeatingSave can provide both the monitoring, energy management and control at a fraction of the cost of what a normal BMS would be. It also does the ESOS reporting enabling you to summate reports from an estate of many outlets.

Central control

HeatingSave has email and Text alerts to keep you and your staff in the headquarters up-to-date with any serious problems at a local level. Monitoring and control from a distance is easy with HeatingSave.

Management reporting

The graphical reporting part of HeatingSave is particularly useful for organisations with a number of outlets; whether its just a few or many, The HeatingSave software cost effectively summates overall usage and lets you produce the reports required to run your business. Data can also be exported in a number of standard formats for you to do your own analysis, although most of our customers are happy with the extensive reporting available that comes with the standard software system.

  • Manage a variety of buildings/equipment from one system
  • Analyse energy bills and the energy consumed for the whole estate
  • Deploy zoning techniques a bit at a time as refurbs take place
  • Better value-for-money than any other BMS management system
  • Heating Diary for each zone, Room Booking system means users get involved

Managing energy from a distance

The problem for organisation with even a small number of discrete buildings it being able to know what’s going on and managing central controls at a distance. If you install HeatingSave as a group-wide management system you will be able to know what’s happening through the monitoring part of the system and turning equipment on/off/up/down via a mobile device, typically you smart phone. Facilities Managers are often on the move and you can’t be everywhere at once. HeatingSave allows you to provide that measured and expert control where over you are so long as you have internet or smart phone coverage.

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