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Security – Access Control

  • Smart Card / PIN access for barriers, gates and rooms, Customised Secuity Profiles to suit your particular site
  • Graphical display showing doors being opened / closed & those with alarm status/forced entry
  • Configure doors to open automatically on fire alarms & lock automatically on burglar alarms
  • Anti Pass Back to prevent fraud, Fire Roll Call, Resilient System even if IP network fails
  • Forced entry and break-in monitoring and audit trail showing who gained access (or denied) where and when?

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Smart Card control

The HeatingSave smart card access control system will provide a good, auditable method of controlling who goes where, for the majority of buildings. The physical readers and smart cards are manufactured by our parent company, Tensor plc, a world-class company for these type of products. If you require a top-end access control and security system, then its possible to install Tensor’s WinAC.NET system and link this to HeatingSave. It’s a seamless interface.

Any barrier, any door

We are able to integrate existing doors, barriers and physical security equipment into a HeatingSave system. We can also augment this with new equipment as required. Whether a “new build”, or an upgrade or refurbishment to an existing building, the combination of HeatingSave and security will better manage your building. For example, access control can be used to automatically turn on heating at the start of a day or to automatically switch off when everyone goes home? The most important thing is that you will have one system that does it all.

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