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Groombridge Village Hall Save Almost £1,000 Per Year On Maintenance Fees With HeatingSave

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Groombridge Village Hall is host to a wide range of different classes, groups and events. Ranging from dance to sewing classes, from badminton to table tennis sessions and from childrens to adult parties, Groombridge Village Hall is occupied 7 days a week for all walks of life. Not only this, but the village hall is also home to a play which takes place twice a year.

The 7 trustees, and 6 members of the management committee, first heard of HeatingSave at the Action in Rural Sussex Conference a few years ago, who later installed the HeatingSave building energy management system after learning more about it. “I immediately could see the potential the system had”, said Bookings Secretary, Duncan Sanders, when speaking to the HeatingSave reporter.

Mr. Sanders, along with the management committee, wanted to “reduce the three separate systems running the hall down to 1”. He also thought HeatingSave was a promising solution for Groombridge Village Hall: “The advantage of HeatingSave was that there were no immediate maintenance contracts, which instantly got rid of the £1,000 a year maintenance contract that we were previously paying”. He added, “… and of course the fact that we could better control the heating meant that we had a hope of reducing our heating and energy bills”.

When looking for alternative heating systems online, Mr. Sanders told the HeatingSave reporter, “I looked on the internet and I couldn’t find anything similar”.

Mr. Sanders said “we had an issue with the keypads during the installation, which may well have had something to do with the original wiring, but was resolved”.

When asked whether the level of training he received on how to use the system was up to standards, Mr. Sanders replied, “It was very good”.

“The ability to control the heating from home and being able to work out how much it is saving us” was Mr. Sanders’ response when asked what he liked most about the HeatingSave system. “When you have an event that doesn’t require heating followed by one that does, the heating comes on during the first event in preparation for the second, especially on very cold days”

When asked whether he would recommend HeatingSave to other village halls and community centres, he replied “I would, Yes! We had an invoicing issue but apart from that I would definitely recommend HeatingSave to other village halls”.

Summing HeatingSave’s building energy management system up in a few words, Mr. Sanders replied, “Its proved very useful for a management system to run the hall, the heating, the access and everything else that comes with it. It’s a combined system and it’s extremely useful from a hall bookings point of view”.

Groombridge Village Hall

Station Road,


East Sussex,



Website: https://www.groombridgevillagehall.org.uk/

Telephone: 07552 170679

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