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HeatingSave cuts heating bills for Sealey Power Products

HeatingSave cuts heating bills for Sealey Power Products

Established for over 30 years, Sealey Power Products is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workshop tools and equipment, primarily for use in an automotive environment.

The company sells to over 70 countries worldwide, its full product line targeting a vast range of markets and applications. Sealey Power Products has a very strong network of distributors and manages all of its commercial operations from its headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Located on a sprawling industrial park and employing 300 members of staff, Sealey Power Products relies on 2 gas-fired boilers to power its central heating and hot water systems.

A few years ago, higher energy bills triggered by rising energy costs and the heating system’s age and limitations persuaded the company’s management to start looking for a “solution to deliver more control and enhanced visibility over the central heating and hot water systems” said Iain Whitmore, the Facilities Manager of Sealey.

Following a very thorough research process and a live demo of HeatingSave, Sealey Power Products decided to choose a HeatingSave Building Energy Management System (BEMS). The reason? “We came across some very informative and effective advertisements for the HeatingSave system at the time. Plus, it was the only system out there that met all of our requirements”, Iain told the HeatingSave reporter.

The HeatingSave Small Business BEMS was installed at Sealey Power Products and Iain was very satisfied with the deployment process. In his own words: “The installation process was quick and seamless, and did not interfere with the company’s daily operations. Also, training was good, very informative – and since I’m in IT myself, it took me a very short time to get used to the system’s functions and features”.

When asked to comment on the Energy Management System’s efficiency and effectiveness, Iain revealed that “The HeatingSave system itself works at its full potential. The hardware and software run our heating and hot water systems as efficiently as possible, which is a significant achievement, given our boilers’ age.”

The Facilities Manager also acknowledged that HeatingSave has helped Sealey Power Products slash their energy bills. However, it’s the extensive control options the system can deliver that has had the greatest impact at Sealey.

Iain frequently uses the heating diary function to change heating patterns, especially around bank holidays and weekends. He said, “I make extensive use of the diary feature in HeatingSave to “tone down” the heating system around the dates when our site is not in use – such as weekends and bank holidays. This is something we simply couldn’t do before, when we used the old heating controls.”

The HeatingSave Small Business system enables users to use smart heating patterns to better manage heating and cooling equipment that they already have. The intelligent controller at the heart of the system “self learns” the heat-loss profile of any building so that it can switch on the heating later if its warm and also switch off earlier if its cold, whilst the occupancy algorithm only heats parts of the building when its occupied.

The HeatingSave reporter asked Iain what he liked most about the HeatingSave system. “HeatingSave is extremely easy to use and set up” was Iain’s immediate and enthusiastic answer.

I love its simplicity. Quick and easy to set up various heating patterns and save them into the diary.” he added.

Sealey Power Products contacted the HeatingSave HelpDesk on couple of occasions and were happy with the level of support they received.

I just email the HeatingSave help desk whenever I need support on using the system and they always answer back and provide all the necessary information in a very timely manner.” Iain commented.

A faulty heating valve prompted a visit from the HeatingSave Operations engineers. Iain was very satisfied with the overall experience. “One of your engineers did have to visit our site in order to sort out a functionality issue that appeared after we’ve replaced an old 3-way valve. He was quick and professional and got the system working again in next to no time.”

When we asked Ian to suggest any possible improvements in terms of customer service, Iain’s answer was “The system runs fine and the after-sales support is also very good. I can’t really see where you could have done better.”

Would Sealey Power Products recommend the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System to other companies? “Yes, we certainly would” Iain replied. “In fact, I’ve already acted as a reference site for HeatingSave and recommended the system to other businesses in the area” he added.

Asked to sum up HeatingSave in a few words, Iain concluded, “The HeatingSave system delivers far greater control and visibility over our central heating and hot water systems than we ever used to have using the old control system. Plus, the company also offers very good after sales support and helpful analysts on the support line.”


Customer Information

Sealey Power Products

Kempson Way,

Suffolk Business Park,

Bury St Edmunds,

Suffolk, IP32 7AR

Phone: 01284 757500

Web: https://www.sealey.co.uk/

E-mail: sales@sealey.co.uk

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