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Phoenix Mechanical Services gets extensive heating control with HeatingSave

Phoenix Mechanical Services gets extensive heating control with HeatingSave

Phoenix Mechanical Services Limited have been established since 1983 and are a well-known sub-contractor with a very good reputation for quality and reliability. They provide a diverse range of Mechanical Building Services and have a very good level of experience in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments, including manufacture and installation in projects as diverse as Medical Environments, Food Processing and Heavy Engineering.

Phoenix Mechanical Services is based in Sheffield, their quarters including office space, as well as workshops that are fully equipped to cope with fabrication and assembly tasks. Their secure stockyard caters for material and equipment storage.

Ms. Donna Crookes is an accountant for Phoenix Mechanical Services. When interviewed by the HeatingSave reporter, she recalled that, around 18 to 20 months ago, the company started looking for a solution that would provide them with a higher level of control over the heating system installed in their offices.

The central heating system consists of a gas-fired boiler and multiple radiators, and, at the time, it was not running in a very efficient manner. For this reason, when approached by HeatingSave, Phoenix Mechanical Services Director John Sykes decided to have a standalone HeatingSave Building Energy Management System installed, in order to optimize the heating system’s functionality, better control heating and also reduce energy bills.

The HeatingSave building energy management system can easily cut heating bills by 20% to 30%+ by optimizing the way in which a building’s heating system runs. It relies on a heat-loss algorithm that self-learns the heating characteristics of each heating zone created in the building and then uses this data in order to run the central heating system in an optimum manner, maintaining a good level of comfort but also reducing energy consumption.

Although the standalone HeatingSave version can be easily set up and run from its “mobile phone” type keypad and display, the truth of the matter is that the system really shines when running the HeatingSave software on a home PC, as it provides not only a much more intuitive graphical user-interface, but also easy access from just about anywhere around the world, as long as the respective computer is connected to the Internet.

The energy management system was installed by HeatingSave engineers in the Phoenix Mechanical Services building around 18 months ago, and no problems were encountered during either the hardware or software installation processes.

Ms. Crookes was trained on-site by HeatingSave personnel on how to control the system and describes the quality of the training process as “satisfactory”.

Donna believes that they’re “using HeatingSave at its full potential” right now, and although “it’s been a hard winter and we kept the heating on most of the time”, the energy management solution did help Phoenix Mechanical Services save quite a bit on their bills.

When asked what the people over at Phoenix Mechanical Services like most about the HeatingSave system, Donna’s answer was “the extensive level of control it provides over our central heating”. She added that the system is “very easy to use”, an opinion shared by the rest of the Phoenix staff as well.

The HeatingSave system installed at Phoenix Mechanical Services worked very well ever since it was initially installed, and for this reason, the company never had to call the help desk service or the HeatingSave operations department. In fact, Ms. Crookes told the HeatingSave reporter that she “can’t see where the HeatingSave service could improve, since everything works very well”.

When asked whether Phoenix Mechanical Services would recommend the HeatingSave system to other companies, Donna’s answer was “Yes, definitely”. Ms. Crookes concluded by praising the “good quality, extensive heating control” provided by their HeatingSave House & Home energy management system.


Customer Information

Phoenix Mechanical Services Ltd.

44, Wilson Street,


S3 8DD

United Kingdom

Telephone: 0114 273 0737

Web: http://www.pms-sheffield.co.uk

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