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The Charlton Manor School Saves Thousands by Using HeatingSave

The Charlton Manor School Saves Thousands by Using HeatingSave

The headmaster of the Charlton Manor School, Tim Baker, was investigating how he could improve the efficiency of the school heating system. He compared control systems from suppliers on the Greenwich Preferred List and those of HeatingSave, and decided to install a HeatingSave Building Energy Management System because “There is nothing like it on the market“. Tim said the main advantages of HeatingSave over its competitors were “it”s new, innovative and completely different from other heating control systems“. What Tim particularly liked was the way HeatingSave learns how long its takes to heat a building and that he can “leave it to its own devices” to heat the school using the least amount of fuel.

Although the HeatingSave system at Charlton Manor does not need to be connected to a PC to make the estimated saving of 25% per annum, Tim wanted to include a PC so that the children could see how the system works and also view the graphs showing how HeatingSave makes the savings and better runs the heating system.

Once the new system was installed, Tim Baker was trained on how to use the HeatingSave controller and the associated PC software. “Fantastic” was how Tim described the quality of the training. He also remarked that the PC software itself helped him learn how to use the HeatingSave controller and said that the software was “Quite straight forward“.

When Tim was asked if HeatingSave was saving him money, he replied “It”s early days but the graphs are showing efficiency savings already“. Tim feels he uses HeatingSave to its full potential and is keen to add extra zoning to the plumbing system and to include HeatingSave“s lighting control module.

When asked what he thought about the use of HeatingSave“s occupancy sensors, Tim said “We have them in the hall. They are a good idea, especially for after school clubs as it keeps the boilers on and automatically turns everything off when people go home“.

The HeatingSave reporter asked Tim what he liked most about the HeatingSave system “Saving on the school heating bill” was his first reply. He then added, “I especially like the way I can check from my PC the temperatures and I also like the graphs which are very clear and show exactly what”s happening“. Tim also said that the system is “very easy to use“.

Charlton Manor have used the HeatingSave HelpDesk a couple of times, “Very good; they always got back to us. We are very pleased with the support.” was how they described the quality of the service.

When Tim was asked if he would recommend HeatingSave to other schools? “Definitely!” was the reply. Tim then concluded by saying “HeatingSave have revolutionised the school heating controls so you are bound to save money. It takes saving money and saving energy to a new level“.

Charlton Manor primary school was built in 1931 and has become a shining example of top class education within the local community for 3 to 11 year olds. It performs better than the national average in both attendance and attainment.

Later, the children of Charlton Manor approached the headmaster, Tim Baker, to find out more about energy saving measures and green issues. In response he set up a Green Council of 10 pupils which meets twice a term. At these meetings they discuss green issues in general and particularly measures the school could take to reduce energy consumption and cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

Charlton Manor Primary School,

Indus Road,

London SE7 7EF

Tel: 020 8856 6525

Web: https://charltonmanorprimary.co.uk/

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