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Wrekin College chooses HeatingSave for lower bills, extensive heating control

Wrekin College chooses HeatingSave for lower bills, extensive heating control

Wrekin College is a co-educational independent school located in Wellington, Shropshire, UK. It was founded by Sir John Bayley in 1880 and was known as ‘The School in the Garden’ owing to its extensive gardens and playing fields.

After growing to more than 400 pupils, in 2007, the Governance of Wrekin College merged with The Old Hall School to create The Wrekin Old Hall Trust, sharing facilities and offering education from the age of 4 years through to 18 years. The schools operate largely autonomously as educational providers.

Mr. Neil Brindley, Engineering Supervisor at Wrekin College, remembers that, around three years ago, the school’s officials started looking for a way of reducing energy-related bills. After extensive research on the most suitable solution to meet their needs and requirements, HeatingSave was ultimately the energy-saving system of choice.

The HeatingSave Building Management System was installed at the Wrekin College premises by HeatingSave engineers and, as far as Mr. Brindley remembers, no particular problems appeared during either the hardware or software installation processes.

The HeatingSave system is the perfect solution for those buildings that are quite often more “variable occupied”, and that’s typically the case with schools. In fact, HeatingSave Small Business automatically drops the heating when buildings are unoccupied.

The energy management system saves energy and cuts bills by reducing heating to an absolute minimum during weekends and holidays, while in the same time self-learning any building’s heat-loss profile, enabling the boiler(s) to work in an optimized manner. Plus, the system also supports a night setback temperature, reducing the night heating by a few degrees to still keep 24/7 operations warm whilst saving energy and money.

Overall, the HeatingSave Small Business system enables users to save a minimum of 20% on their fuel bills (although typical savings can go higher, sometimes reaching even 30%+).

Both Mr. Brindley and another colleague were trained on using the HeatingSave system. When asked to describe the quality of the training process, the Wrekin College Engineering Supervisor said that “The training process was very good. It was extensive, so we did struggle a bit to take it all in. However, we’ve got the training materials readily available, and go through them periodically, as a refresher, so that we can permanently optimize the system’s functionality.”

Although they’re only using HeatingSave’s keypad in order to control the system, Mr. Brindley believes that it works in a very efficient manner, and has actually managed to help the college save quite a bit on the overall fuel bills. “While I can’t offer you an actual amount, I can tell you that we’re certainly using less gas than before.”, Mr. Brindley revealed.

When asked what he likes most about the HeatingSave system, Mr. Brindley’s reply was “I really like that the system is very easy to control, even using the keypad. It’s also quite easy to setup, and helps us save energy and money”.

Ever since the system was initially installed, Mr. Brindley only called the HeatingSave help desk a couple of times, and the was very satisfied with the overall quality of the service. Plus, every query was solved remotely, so the HeatingSave Operations Department were not required to visit the site and repair the system.

For this reason, Mr. Brindley believes that the quality of the service delivered by HeatingSave is very good. “I can’t think of any particular area where the quality of your service might improve. The help desk analysts were very helpful when I called, and the problems we had were quickly sorted out.”

When asked by the HeatingSave reporter whether he would recommend the energy management system to other schools, Mr. Brindley’s answer was “Yes. And actually, we did it already.”

Summing up, Mr. Neil Brindley, Wrekin College’s Engineering Supervisor, said that HeatingSave is “a good, reliable product, that works fine. The installation is quite fast and straightforward, and the technical consultants on the support line are also very helpful.”


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Wrekin College




Tel: + (44) 01952 265600

Web: http://www.wrekincollege.com

Email: info@wrekincollege.com

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