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BEMS Are Vital Components For Net Zero Energy Retail Units

HeatingSave Energy Monitoring System

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) play a crucial role in achieving Net Zero Energy goals for retail units. These systems provide advanced control, monitoring, and optimization capabilities for a building's energy-consuming systems.

BEMS are capable of providing real-time detailed information on energy consumption within a building are vital for creating net zero energy retail units, such as the one recently opened by Kingfisher.


The Screwfix store in Peterborough is designed to generate as much power as it uses and pass surplus energy back to the grid, a news report has been able to reveal. This is the DIY group’s first net zero energy store, promising to use a mix of solar panels, solar battery storage and an air source heat pump.

The company said energy generated by the onsite solar array will power the store and charge up batteries which will then power the store during the evenings. Meanwhile, a new air source heat pump, coupled with a range of efficiency measures, has allowed the firm to replace gas and electric heating units. “Surplus power goes back to the grid, off-setting the days in winter when the solar PV will be generating less power and grid energy is needed to power the store,” Kingfisher said.

The group also hailed the importance of energy monitoring systems to the project. For example, energy meters revealed a spike in energy use at the start of the day when employees were making their morning coffee. By fitting a hot water tap that uses battery-stored solar power, the firm now hopes to eliminate this spike in energy use.

HeatingSave BMS software – advanced controls and analytics features

HeatingSave, a low-cost BEMS can be integrated into retail units to curb their energy usage and facilitate their carbon reduction goals.

The HeatingSave high-level software is a web-based user-friendly and intuitive software tool that provides unparalleled control and monitoring of the heating system. You may manage your entire building, or a network of buildings, using just a browser on a desktop or laptop PC, tablet, or smartphone. Benefits of using HeatingSave includes;

BEMS devices

  • Energy Efficiency Optimization: HeatingSave BEMS help optimize energy efficiency by automating and controlling energy-consuming systems. Our software schedules operations based on occupancy, adjust setpoints for temperature and lighting and integrate with smart sensors and IoT devices to optimize energy usage. Our systems also identify anomalies and inefficiencies, enabling proactive energy-saving measures.
  • Continuous Optimization: Our BEMS support ongoing optimization by utilizing machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics. The system learns from historical data, adapt to changing conditions, and continuously optimise energy performance over time. This iterative approach ensures that energy efficiency measures remain effective and adapted to evolving retail unit needs.

If you’d like to find out more information on the HeatingSave Building Energy Monitoring System, kindly BOOK A DEMO, and our specialists will answer your questions and queries in a very fast and easy manner.

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