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ESOS legislation is ‘not worthwhile’, most energy leaders believe


Despite the majority of companies affected by ESOS legislation being fully prepared for it, more than half of energy managers (60% of them, to be exact) believe that the legislation was ‘not worthwhile’, a recent survey has been able to suggest.

The research sponsored by Centrica Business Solutions suggested that 70% of businesses believe that employees are more engaged with energy issues than a year ago. However, despite the rise in awareness, behaviour change/engagement remains the biggest challenge for business energy in 2020;

Competing/conflicting employee priorities is the biggest barrier to energy behaviour change for 65% of firms.

The Barometer reveals several respondents citing the growing national awareness of climate change to be a key catalyst for this. In fact, only 2.5% of respondents said their employees have become less engaged with energy issues, with the remaining 27.5% claiming there has been no change in the levels of engagement.

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