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HeatingSave BMS adds new features to help you better manage your oil-fired boiler and tank

HeatingSave Oil Management

At HeatingSave, we’re constantly researching and improving our BMS system’s functionality in order to help both our existing and prospective customers save more money on their energy bills. And one of the latest such new and exciting features we’ve added to HeatingSave is the option to better manage oil-fired boilers and fuel tanks.

Oil is a popular choice for residential (and commercial) heating due to the range of benefits it can offer. For example, it is one of the most cost-effective heating fuels on the market, since oil-fired condensing boilers on the market today are designed with efficiency and durability in mind, and can often substantially lower heating bills by up to 30% a year.

Another benefit is that you own the storage tank – unlike other types of home heating fuels such as LPG gas where the tank is usually rented from the LPG supplier. Oil customers usually purchase the tank at the same time that their heating system is installed, and as such, there is no on-going rental fee to pay.

Furthermore, with oil you are not tied down to using the same supplier each time you top up allowing for greater flexibility.

In addition to being able to shop around for the best prices, you’ll also find that there are certain times of the year that you can get a better bargain! Homeowners can benefit from cheaper costs by ordering a delivery in summer, as opposed to emergency situations in the colder months which can lead to significantly higher costs.

HeatingSave BMS oil orders and deliveries module

The HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS) has an ordering and delivery module that helps you track and manage oil quotes, prices and deliveries. Multiple tanks per site and multiple boilers running from one tank are all included within the software system. The cost calculations are automatically adjusted where a tank holds different quantities of oil at different prices, so that you get a true consumption cost each hour, day, month and year.

Smart graphics give an instant visualisation of oil tank levels, prompting the user to place new oil delivery requirements. Orders not yet delivered are colour coded within the tank levels so that there is a reminder of impending oil deliveries and where there is a shortfall.

Oil usage monitoring and boiler efficiency

In reality, you have no idea as to whether your boiler(s) are operating as per the manufacturers specification nor how well they are being maintained – that is until now. HeatingSave let the user enter the boiler consumption and operational characteristics into the software from the boiler manufacturer’s user manual.

HeatingSave then uses this to monitor and cost the consumption. When the tank is next filled, the accurate litreage is recorded whereupon HeatingSave compares this with the operational characteristics to produce variances and recommended changes to the manufactures settings. In this way, HeatingSave manages the true consumption and costings making allowances for what is happening in the “real world”.

If you’re using an oil-fired boiler and would like to find out more about how the HeatingSave BMS can help you save money, please contact us or Book a demo, our specialists will be more than happy to assist.

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