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How Businesses Can Tackle Rising Energy Bills

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Rising energy bills in the UK over the last few months have brought more than a hassle to businesses, already struggling financially due to business closures during the pandemic. Indeed, some estimates suggest that energy bills could rise by 50% in years to come as a result of Covid-19.

A particularly hard hit sector is that of small businesses including restaurants, pubs, small shops, small hotels or motels,village halls, offices, schools and care homes.

HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is the key to making sure these rising heating and energy bills are reduced.

What is the Building Energy Management System and how does it work?

HeatingSave’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a Smart Building Management System that allows to improve the performance of heating, air conditioning, electricity and lighting of any business or home. It saves 25-to-30% of energy bills, reduces CO2 emissions, improves safety and control of activities and at the same time maintains perfect comfort conditions.

This is achieved through the creation of heating patterns and heating diaries by the system. In fact, the latter understands when the room will be occupied or not, avoiding waste during weekends, non-working hours, holidays, or areas of varying occupancy such as corridors, meeting rooms, or toilets.

Furthermore, the BEMS possesses a heat-loss algorithm which automatically calculates the loss of heat of the areas of the building based on the heat-loss profile of each heating zone, and both the inside and outside temperatures. In this way, there is no waste with areas that are too hot or too cold and it ensures that the rooms are at a comfortable temperature for when they are actually occupied.

Last but not least, HeatingSave’s BEMS includes an advanced room booking system that allows users to book/rent a room for a specific date and time, ensuring that it is at the set temperature for the set time. In addition, the room booking system can be connected to smart card access control and intruder detection systems, allowing only authorised personnel to enter the area.

If you would like further information on HeatingSave’s building energy management system, and to start reducing the costly bills of your business today, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.

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