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Ireland launches new strategy to bolster energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty


Ireland has launched a new scheme aimed at bolstering energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty, a news report has been able to find.

The ‘Strategy to Combat Energy Poverty’ includes a project worth €20 million (£15m) which aims to provide free energy efficiency upgrades to householders with acute health conditions and live in poorly insulated homes.

It also includes a public consultation on proposals to introduce minimum energy efficiency standards for rental accommodation.

Minister for Energy Alex White said: “More than €2 billion (£1.5bn) has been spent to support the incomes of people in energy poverty. We have improved the energy efficiency of 140,000 homes in energy poverty through targeted interventions and we have placed new legal obligations on energy suppliers to ensure that they assist customers in energy poverty.

“Living in a cold or damp home increases the risk of circulatory and respiratory conditions, particularly among the elderly. By upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes, we will improve residents’ health and comfort, reduce their energy bills and relieve pressure on our health services.”

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