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Large businesses urged to improve energy efficiency before Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting deadline

Businesses across the UK are being urged to accelerate the deployment of energy saving measures before the new Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) rules come into force next month, a recent news report has been able to suggest.

Around 12,000 large and UK-listed businesses to report new energy-related data under the new SECR regulations that were introduced under the legislative changes designed to meet the Fourth Carbon Budget (the UK must reduce emissions by 51% by 2027). The purpose of the new rules is to force businesses to measure – and publish in the public domain – energy usage, emissions data and energy-saving initiatives, demonstrating transparency around how UK businesses are working to reduce their emissions among their overall energy use.

Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng has claimed that meeting a Clean Growth Strategy target to reduce corporate energy use by 20% by 2030 could prevent 22 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 4.6 million road vehicles. He claimed that achieving the target could also generate £6bn in corporate energy savings.

“Evidence shows that reporting energy use saves businesses on their bills, can boost productivity and attract increasingly green-minded customers by showing they’re committed to fighting climate change,” Kwarteng said.

“These latest requirements are coming into force in this year of climate action and will help take businesses’ energy savings to the next level, cutting emissions and boosting bottom lines as we work towards net-zero by 2050.”

HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS) – combining the best of Energy Management, Lighting Controls, Access Control and Monitoring Services to help improve energy efficiency

The HeatingSave Building Management System (BMS) will cut your energy usage by 20% to 30% with its energy management control, as its internal microprocessor constantly calculates and improves the efficiency and savings of your central heating system.

Using HeatingSave, simply choose the room temperature and the hot water you want, and when, and HeatingSave does the rest. It works with all central heating systems – oil, gas or coal – and links up with a PC to produce reports and graphs to fashion a powerful and
complete energy management system.

Furthermore, the BMS system includes comprehensive access control and lighting control features, as well as an advanced smartphone app that grants you extensive control functions and comprehensive alerts at the touch of a button.

The system is backed by the Energy Savings Trust.

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