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COVID-Struck Pubs & Restaurants Can Save Money on Heating & Energy Bills


The Coronavirus pandemic has been extremely tough on the entire hospitality industry. Pubs and restaurants have been especially affected by the national lockdowns that saw the majority have no custom between 20th March and 4th July in 2020; followed by a second, and then third, shorter series of lockdowns.

Since reopening, there have been modest signs of recovery, but social distancing and widespread working from home continue to limit progress.

With that in mind, this article explains how pubs and restaurants can easily save money on both their heating and energy bills, at an affordable price with the introduction of a HeatingSave Building Management System.

How pubs and restaurants can save money on heating bills

At HeatingSave, we make and install heating systems as well as advanced energy monitoring software that gives you complete control of your heating. This ultimately means, by replacing existing boilers and heating solutions, that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your heating bills. Our heating systems allow you to control the heating in certain zones of your building.

For example, if the COVID-19 restrictions meant that you had to lock off certain rooms or areas of a large room, then our system would allow you to easily control this – seeing you heat only certain zones or radiators with TRVs. In addition, if your office or a break room only needs heating at specific times each day, then our clever system is able to understand this information and turn up/down the heating as and when you require.

By installing our state-of-the-art replacement boiler system, you will benefit from energy and fuel reduction as well as first-rate graphics and visualisation of how well and efficient your boiler is running. Not only this, but our systems also sends email and text alerts if plant/equipment fails as well as an energy monitoring and bill checking facility.

Cut costs on energy bills

Our Energy and Environmental Monitoring system has a huge influence on the reduction of your energy bill, and here’s how: it collects internal and external temperatures, air quality, energy usage and occupancy data.

The external temperature data allows our system to understand whether it is cold or warm outside, determining the level of heating required. Additionally, the occupancy data allows our system to know whether a room is being used or not, again, allowing it to make changes accordingly. This would be of great benefit in your toilets, offices or areas of the building that are not used as regularly. Our occupancy sensors turn the lights off and the heating down when they sense that an area is no longer in use. Eventually, the heating will be turned off, saving you energy and money.

Our Energy Monitoring system can also determine the energy performance of each individual building, in real-time web-based software to graphically analyse the data to see cause and effect.

Other beneficial features of HeatingSave for pubs and restaurants

HeatingSave systems are not only the best way to drastically cut your energy and heating bills, but also offer top-of-the-range time, attendance and security features:

Access Control for accurate time and attendance records

Notable features of our access control system and how they benefit the hospitality industry include:

  • Smart Card or PIN access for doors and rooms, meaning only authorised personnel can enter private areas such as kitchens and offices.
  • Graphical display showing doors being opened/closed and those with alarm status/forced entry giving you full control of who is where, even when you are busy serving customers.
  • Configure doors to open automatically on fire alarms and lock automatically on burglar alarms to ensure the safety of staff and customers is always the priority.
  • Forced entry and break-in monitoring and an audit trail showing who gained access (or denied) where and when, to give you 24/7 security as well as knowing the whereabouts of employees at all times.

Intruder Alarms for increase security

HeatingSave’s intruder alarm system can boost your security by:

  • Occupancy and other sensors detect intruders – so even after ‘close’, you are immediately made aware if an intruder enters your building.
  • Intruder zoning by room or area; multi-site, allowing you to know exactly which room was or area of your building was broken into.
  • Real-time speech alerts to your mobile phone, including email/text alerts. This gives pub/hotel owners alerts, even if they are away from the site or on holiday.

HeatingSave is specialists in pub and restaurant heating, giving you peace of mind and covering all aspects of building management. To read all of our case studies, please click the button below:


If you would like more information on our advanced energy-saving technology to help reduce your bills, then please get in contact with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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